Aside from our consignment lots in the annual Grasslands Bull Sale, we also raise a handful to sell privately. All our bulls are scale weighed at birth and then again at weaning providing you with real measurements, not estimates. We sort off any culls in the fall and spring so that we can truly stand behind the entire pen of sale bulls knowing that they all met our criteria to use ourselves within herd. Although we try and select a consistent, well put together bunch for the sale catalog, the rest make up a dandy load of breeders too! 

By all means the private treaty bulls are not the ones that “didn’t make the cuts.” Age should not outweigh quality here, but naturally, most January born bull calves will look more developed and have greater eye appeal than an April born bull of the same make up. With that said, we have intentionally kept back some of these younger bulls and put them on purebreds all summer and find them easy fleshing and more marketable the following year as matured two year old’s. 

All our bulls are available for touring at anytime. We would enjoy hearing what you have to say. In the coming future, groups of Private treaty heifers will be offered every year as well of similar pedigrees.  

Contact us in the fall about private treaty heifer opportunities...

Bulls on Offer by Private Treaty


HANS 622J | 2223966 | 26/02/2021



HANS 641J | 2231058 | 09/04/2021