At Hanson angus, we try our best to grow a strong and functional herd. We pride ourselves for the extensive use of artificial insemination that leads to success in many ways. Through this we are able to continue breeding with some of the world’s most proven and awarded sires, as well as get our hands on new, cutting-edge genetics. We believe our cattle speak for themselves, as they are managed similar to all of the commercial cattle in the southwest and they are expected to perform well in the variety of conditions that we all face. Our cows live largely on their own for 7 months of the year on native prairie. Here in the real world, purebred and commercial cattle alike must be built from the bottom up. Real longevity comes from having near perfect feet and udders, topped with good feed efficiency, and while we are not there yet, we try to get closer every year and become better tomorrow than we were yesterday. We are always on the lookout for ways to improve. 

Like most producers, the past few seasons have presented their own challenges, but in some ways, you can look at it as an opportunity to improve the herd, we cull our cows and bulls hard, and when put under some stress their true colours come out. 

Orla (Stav) Olson
Nora (Langset) Hanson
Diane (Bleau) Legault
Agnes (Hefner) Kohl

Our cowherd consists of a unique variety that lets us raise something for everyone while still meeting a high standard of quality. We like to think our herd is backed by many strong maternal cow families. Our most valued foundation females go back to the operations of Justamere Farms, Express Ranches, Glen Gable Angus, and Cowtrax Cattle co. Feel welcome to call us anytime for a herd tour. The coffee is always on.