We are Carmen and Duane, Jayne and Arlis Hanson. Together we enjoy raising cattle, hunting, fishing, riding, boating and new adventures. As individuals, I also find joy in being a doula birth coach. Jayne is pursuing a career in nursing. Arlis is currently in university taking Animal Bioscience as well as some flight training, and Duane can be found studying cattle genetics on most days at some point.

Flexibility and willingness to take on new careers as we’ve moved for work through the years has given us a bank of memories and a full hand of awesome friends. During this time, our kids grew up with the benefits of each of their surroundings, learning valuable life lessons, sharing incredible adventures, and amazing mentors were placed in our way that will always be a part of our family. Our favorite memories usually include family, friends, animal creatures of some sort, guns, games, motorized toys, creativity, and lots of laughs.

Although we wouldn’t trade the experience of our time away from southwestern Saskatchewan, it’s wonderful to be back to the familiar ranching lifestyle we grew up in with hope to pass on our western roots and the many values that coincide, to our children. We continue to work outdoors, enjoying nature and sharing our adventures with each other. Hopefully, we are able to pass this rich heritage to the next generations

What would we do without humor? I was taught very young to take on responsibility for making things happen, and to find enjoyment in tackling new challenges for growth. I’ve learned not to resist change and to keep the future in mind, as we never know what opportunities lie ahead. This has led to many memories of mine. Others also share these memories. They may be memories of success along the way and more often, they are memories of my many mishaps that have them laughing and leaving them with valuable lessons of what not to do.

Through this Blog, we hope to share some of these memories with you along with some of life’s valuable lessons we’ve learned as a result.

Carmen and the Rest of the Gang