After many years of being away for work, we moved back to southwestern Saskatchewan a few years ago to the area where my wife, Carmen, and I grew up. Our willingness to be challenged beyond original job descriptions has led to some awesome endeavors in our lives. During this time, we had the opportunity to raise our children, Jayne and Arlis, with a variety of unique experiences that our family is so thankful for. With each new endeavor, we’ve learned that integrity and a good sense of humor go a long way.

I received a Bachelor of Sciences in Agriculture Degree with an Animal Sciences Major from the University of Saskatchewan. I’ve had a few careers, including the aviation industry in northern Saskatchewan while working at Transwest Air as the senior pilot of northern operations. Ranching, particularly purebred cattle, has always been an interest which led me to work with AltaGenetics and Genex where I marketing semen and instructed artificial insemination courses. I enjoy studying cattle genetics and currently perform embryo transfers within our herd.

Carmen became an Animal Health Technologist early on and has worked at several vet clinics with some great veterinarians over the years. She’s used that training to find employment at the Canadian Centre of Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Lethbridge where she worked with rat colonies for research and instructing college courses for Veterinarian Assistants in Medicine Hat and teaching courses to Animal Health and Animal Science students at Lakeland College in Vermillion.

Now we’re back home where our roots are in the cattle business. As we’ve moved over the years, this has been the only familiar constant that Jayne and Arlis have known. They’re grown up now and are pursuing their own goals and adventures but this will be a place they can always call home and a lifestyle they can always be a part of. Honesty, integrity, and hard work have contributed over the years and we always look forward to a new challenge so who knows what else tomorrow will bring.

We enjoy adventures that take us to new places we’ve never been, doing things we’ve never tried before, with people we’ve never met. But the most comfortable times are with our friends and family in this native prairie ecosystem doing what we love to do while enjoying the history, beauty and culture this place has to offer.

We produce functional cattle focusing on maternal traits and longevity. We probably AI and ET up to ¾ of our herd to bring you leading genetics. All of our herd sires have dams with solid phenotype, good feet and udders with moderate birthweights and frame scores. This is foundation for functionality and efficiency of our herd.

Duane Hanson